Overall Purpose

While interdependent and integrated within the NCRST value chain, the department is concerned with the furthering of innovation and technology within the RSTI funnel. Acting mostly as a catalyst in terms of bringing various partners together and furthering cooperation within Innovation and Technology development and application, there are instances where the department will take a more direct role of involvement, but within a clearly defined time frame and criteria, until the venture can sustain itself.

Taking note of the above, the Specific Objectives of the Department/Unit are:

  1. To develop and manage RSTI infrastructure (RSTI Valley);
  2. To coordinate Biosafety and Biotechnology programmes and projects;
  3. Facilitate the coordination of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements/MoUs on RSTI delivery funnel;
  4. To create and manage linkages that promote innovation and industrial research, innovations spin-offs, value addition & Tech Transfer;
  5. Coordinate natural sciences research (space science, IKS, fundamental research, blue economy and global projects); and
  6. To coordinate Social Science and Humanities research.