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ADD – Grassroots Innovation Trainings

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The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) goal through the Grassroots Innovation Programme, a subcomponent of the Innovation Fostering Platform is to promote and encourage innovations, technologies and products from the grassroots communities to the market. Grassroots innovation is a particular type of innovation where the ideas flow in a bottom-up manner, i.e., the ideas are generated by those who are least likely to have access to the resources to make them happen. Within the regions, there are community-based innovators identifying new ideas and possible solutions to local problems. However, lack of voice, and visibility keep most of these innovations localized in various pockets unable to make a larger impact. The Grassroots Innovation Programme aims to provide routes to funding, technical assistance, and support to grassroots innovators seeking to develop new or improved products, services, or methods from the prototype to proof-of-concept stage.

The 5-day training in the different towns will cover;

  1. Social Innovation: What is social innovation
  2. Design Thinking: Why your solution/business will work
  3. Business Model Canvas: How you will take this solution/business to market
  4. Pitch: How to present your Innovation confidently

If you are developing or want to develop solutions to social challenges within your community, this training is for you.

For more information for those who wants to participate in the training may send an email to

Closing date for registration: 07 September 2022

Registration link: