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Namibia Mathematics Olympiad

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Round one (1) online rules and procedures

  1. Learners will be required to have access to a computer and internet to login online individually and answer a short answer test within one (1) hour on 10 May 2022, at 14:00.
  2. The link can be accessed as follows:
  3. Log into the NMO website:
  4. Scroll down and click on ROUND 1.
  5. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD
  6. Scroll down until you see EXAMINATION PAPER
  7. Under EXAMINATION PAPER click on ROUND 1
  8. Start your test, you have 1 hour to complete.
  9. Keep clicking text to go to the next question.


  1. Login at least 15 minutes before the test starts to make sure you are logged in and will be able to take the test when the time starts, at 14:00.
  2. The focal teacher and regional coordinator are responsible for the participants. Therefore, they must assist and ensure that the participants have access to a computer, internet.
  3. Once participants have completed the test they can submit and log out.
  4. For this round, questions will be loaded onto the system and marking will be done by the system, but participants will NOT receive their individual marks soon after submitting their work online. The test marks for the regional team will be announced at a later stage.
  5. The final team marks will be determined by the responsible committee.
  6. The responsible committee will announce the winning team of the round who will represent the region in the next round (round 2 – reginal level).

Round two (2) – regional level:

  • Round two (2) will take place on 2 July 2022.

Round three (3) – national level:

  • Round three (3) will take place on 16 August 2022.


Click on the link below to start the test at 14:00:

Guidelines of the Mathematics Olympiad

Guidelines of the Mathematics Olympiad